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Shore line of Miyagi Prefecture was damaged seriously by the earthquake with a seismic intensity of 7 and Tsunami after, on March 11th, 2011. 15884 dead, 2640 lost.
Even now in December 2013, damages from this disaster are still enormous, and Miyagi has only made the very first step to recover. There are still many precious lost people and things in the water. I really do not want to call them "debris", because to the people living here, most of the things are very special and precious. We, “Ishinomaki Umisakura” shall keep making two major activities such as
1. Retrieving people’s precious things, or personal items of deceased person back from the water, and cleaning off rubbish which may contaminate ocean.
2. Cleaning rubbish from local beaches.

We keep these activities going seriously, but with fun together with all volunteers.

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On Feb. 13, 2014, Lost People Search

By request from families of Tsunami lost people of 77 bank, Onagawa Branch, we went Tsukahama Beach, Onagawa for searching their lost family members. Leader Mr. Katsumata, and Mr. Ishida , of “Tsunagari”, a volunteer group acting mainly in Minami Sanriku area, helped searching in the water, and the families of lost people, and Photographer Mr. Saito from Onagawa, helped beach side works. Under strong wind and low temperature, and within the limited time range, we made maximum efforts in order to find any clue of their lost family members.

Finally, we have found several bones and wallet together with many clothes, shoes, and bags. We will announce later, as soon as the authority find whether these bone were from human or animals which will take some time. Inside the wallet, we found cards with owners ID, so we checked with town office and they found that the owner of this wallet survived from Tsunami and still exists. After examining ocean current and distance between where he was suffered, and spot we found this wallet, we have found another necessity of continuous search and possibility of finding more items. We believe this result makes a very important step to start. From now on, we, Ishinomaki Umisakura will move on with these families of losts. We will move forward step by step with families awaiting their lost family member, other volunteers and supporters.

Request for donation

We, "Ishinomaki Umisakura", have been doing volunteer work to clean and sweep rubbish on the beach, in the water, and fisherman's port to revive the area. We have been managing financially on our own, but it is not enough. If you could understand our goals and activities and would even make a small donation, we would be very grateful.

Following is the money transaction instruction.

Pay to “Ishinomaki Umisakura Takahashi Masayoshi”
The 77 Bank,ltd. Ishinomaki Branch,
2-5-12 Tachimachi Ishinomaki-shi Miyagi-ken Japan
Ordinary Account 0125-404- 5888549
Again, thank you very much for your attention and support.

Masayoshi Takahashi